Year in Review, 2011 Edition

2011 was a busy year. In fact, despite the market being down again here in Louisville (see this handy dandy chart that compares Jefferson County monthly home sales back the previous 6 years) I actually had my best year yet. Yeah me!

Statistics graphic representing change in Louisville real estate
Every year has highs and lows. How was 2011 for you?

I want to use this post to look back and see what worked and what didn’t. If you know me, you’ll already know that I’m a straight shooter. I don’t steer. I don’t spin. And I don’t care for people that do. So here we go!

2011 Louisville Real Estate Highs

  • Louisville Homes Blog Founder, Tre Pryor, Interviewed by MSN for Real Estate Article
    This one just happened! I’m honored to be considered a subject-matter expert (SME) for real estate, not just here in Louisville but nationally as well.
  • Serving Some Great Clients
    I was blessed to work with some great clients over the course of this year. I’m especially pleased that many of these good people realized that I do put them and their needs ahead of my own and are referring me to their friends and family. You know who you are… you’re the best!
  • Silas Joined the Family
    Family ranks high on my priority list. So when we are blessed with a new family member it’s a personal highlight! My nephew Silas was born this year. Psyched again to hear a little say, “Hey Uncle Tre!”
  • TrePryor version 3.0
    Found a solid database programmer who’s working hard to help me deliver a new version of in the new year. My plans are for it to be the best real estate Web site in Louisville. (I know I promised it this year but finding quality help can be a challenge.)

2011 Louisville Real Estate Lows

  • Sales Continue to be Sluggish
    There was hope that real estate sales would strengthen in 2011. That didn’t pan out. This December, we’re in the same position as last December, and we hope next year will be better.
  • Psychotic Clients, Disloyal Clients
    For people not in the industry, it’s almost impossible to understand how good agents put themselves out there for their clients, generally without any guarantee of compensation. That’s part of the business but it’s not easy, especially for me, because I treat ALL of my clients with the best that I have. This past year I’ve wasted hundreds of hours serving clients who either knew from the outset they were just “playing games” or decided to treat another human being like a machine, with little regard for the agent’s feelings. It can be very hurtful and it’s one aspect of this business that I will never like.
  • Economic Uncertainty
    Global economic problems affect us all. Our economies are so linked that problems in Europe hurt us here in the States. Unemployment continues to be a plague no matter how our current administration tries to place blame on others. This uncertainty hurt us in 2011 and will likely continue to hinder our economy in 2012.

All in all, the good outweighs the bad. Optimism trumps negativity. And I choose to be excited about what next year will bring. How about you?