Zilculator Review

There’s a new tool in the world of analysis—Zilculator: Real Estate Analysis. In an already crowded space, what makes us think this one will be any different? Let’s check it out!

What makes Zilculator unique is the fact that it focuses on real estate professionals, namely on real estate agents and realtors. While most websites or Automated Valuation Method (AVM) can be wildly inaccurate due to their lack of onsite, professional expertise, this tool allows for additional factors to be added to the analysis.

Screen shot of the Zilculator.com website

One interesting feature is that registered users will be able to list investment properties on their own websites via a plugin. You have the ability to can compare two or more investment properties for your buyers, and build customized reports.

Also, you can assist investor clients by creating profiles for them to search for and access properties that meet their criteria.

Zilculator Advantages

  • Ease of use: Zilculator’s design is very user-friendly. The learning curve is very small and there’s no need to watch long tutorial videos.
  • MLS loader: Simply input the property MLS # and load all of the photos, descriptions, and numbers from your MLS to analyze properties with Zilculator’s algorithm.
  • Listings management: Users can add property photos of their own, or you can pull them from Zillow, Google’s Street View, or MLS as mentioned above. Zilculator is integrated with Zillow’s Zestimate, so you’ll be able to see the rental estimates and do CMAs.

Now Some Disadvantages

  • Price: The cost is more expensive than some of the competition. You get what you pay for, though. There are three plans, ranging from $13.60/month up to $23.20/month. These are primarily based on the number of saved properties. The top-of-the-line plan allows for unlimited properties.
  • Mobile: Zilculator currently doesn’t have a mobile or tablet app. The only way to use Zilculator on a mobile device is through a browser. However, the company is regularly adding all-new features, so a mobile app may be on the horizon.

There’s a lot to like with Zilculator. Its ability to work on investment properties via revenue streams is a great feature for investors. If you are a full-time real estate professional looking to separate yourself from your competition, give Zilculator a look. You might be glad you did!