3 Surprising Luxuries of Moving to the Suburbs

Do the suburbs now seem appealing to you? Americans seem to be trading in their big-city abodes and moving to the suburbs in droves. Why? It has a lot to do with the new work-from-home model and social distancing. Read on to learn more!

Overhead photo of a neighborhood with lots of houses

Having spent almost a year and a half stuck in a small apartment can give you cabin fever, so finding more living space may seem more appealing now that things are going back to some sense of normalcy.

So are you curious about the kind of luxuries you will experience in the suburbs? It is best to use a real estate company when planning to sell or buy a house in the suburbs. Check out these three surprising luxuries of living in the suburbs

1. Huge Amounts of Glorious Space

The biggest and most luxurious change will be all the lovely indoor and outdoor space you will have. Owning large homes with more than one bedroom and more than one bathroom means everyone can have their own room, and you can have some blessed privacy. Not to mention you won’t have to hear any of the neighbor’s nonsense because people don’t live so close together.

You can enjoy having a wonderful yard where you can watch the stars and listen to the natural sounds of twilight. From backyard barbecues, cute swimming portable pools, or even natural outdoor pools to outdoor swings, it will all seem like a luxurious way to pamper yourself when you compare it to your space-saving life in the city.

Moving to the suburbs may not be super cheap, but you do get a lot more house for the money. So if you are looking for a larger home with some great high-end features, the suburbs are the place to go.

2. Give Your Kids What They Deserve

Many suburbs are home to wonderful school districts. Suburban schools are less crowded and have more teachers. In addition, kids are usually more friendly in the suburbs, and there are tons of school and outdoor activities for them to enjoy.

Kids who go to a certain school live near other students, making it easier to make playdates and events that kids will love. But let’s not forget, you need something more than just the kids in your life. But participating in child-friendly events will also help you make more friends.

An added benefit to this luxury is the fact that suburban neighborhoods are safer than city areas. (Ask your agent about which are the best neighborhoods in your city.) So it is safer for kids who want to go bike riding, skateboarding, or simply go for a walk around the neighborhood.

3. Peace

When moving to the suburbs, the third benefit you will realize is peace. No traffic sounds, no loud honking, screaming on the street, blaring sirens. In the suburbs, all you’ll hear are the crickets creating their nightly song or the lightning bugs lighting up the night as you enjoy the stars.

Clearly, it’s not for everyone but if what we’ve described sounds enticing to you, maybe a move is in your future.

Bottom Line

The suburbs have some great luxuries that you haven’t been able to enjoy because you have been living in the convenience of the city. But now, after Covid-19, the city is no longer as convenient as it once was. So what are you waiting for? Come out to the suburbs, enjoy life, and live the life of luxury, a life you have given up for so long.