Top 5 DIY Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

For long, outdoor space has been recognized for promoting health and happiness. Research has shown that people who live on a property with green and vibrant outdoor spaces enjoy improved general well-being. If you love outdoor space, you try to make your space as beautiful and healthy as possible. Here are 5 enchanting yet super simple DIY ideas to help you transform your outdoor space.

Photo of a flower bed by a home
Flowers always make a great statement about your outdoor space.

1. Planters for a welcoming front yard and doorway

There is something special about every home’s front yard. You want this crucial outdoor space to provide an unspoken welcome to you and your visitors. You can use planters in a number of ways to give your home a spring refresh and improve curb appeal.

  • Grow pots of bulbs and bring them to the entryway when they are budding or blooming.
  • Create an eclectic entry by placing flower pots between decorative rocks or on steps leading to the front door
  • Identical planters can be placed on either side of the entryway for a symmetrical look.
  • You can even plant a tree if the pot is big enough
  • If you have a small porch, use a vertical planter

2. Layer beds add a lush look

Do you want to know a simple way of making your flower beds look awesome?
Have layer beds about 4 to 5 feet wide and plants with different heights so that the bed appears to have steps. The tallest plants are placed in the back row while the shortest ones are in front. This arrangement does not only make the bed attractive but also makes weeding and deadheading easier for you.

Remember to combine primary colors in your dense planting to make the flower bed lively and less riotous.

3. Often your patio with small-leaved groundcovers

What does the best patio look like for you?

A well-designed patio surfaced with brick, stone, or concrete is basically what every homeowner wants. But leaving the patio to bake in the sun day in and day out will only make it hot and far from being the best place you want to spend your relaxing moments.

Create your dream patio by adding natural edges such as small-leaved groundcovers.

Spotted deadnettle or creeping thyme are some of the best plants to liven up your patio. Let the creepers cover the cracks between stones (if the patio is stone-covered). In addition to adding color contrast, they will soften hard surfaces and make the slab look more like natural outcroppings.

4. Dress up your deck – the ultimate backyard getaway

You can do a few simple things to make your deck the ultimate destination for comfortable and stylish outdoor living. Make it comfy by adding outdoor furniture that looks and feels comfortable. Have plenty of bright and cushy pillows to decorate the deck and endow it with indoor-worthy style.

You can also create privacy using a row of evergreens or a wooden square lattice wall. Anyone of these two will create an illusion of a wall. Updating your deck will always transform your outdoor space.

What your deck looks like depends on how determined you are in turning your backyard into a relaxing outdoor oasis. Just do something creative—something that you will enjoy.

5. Simple outdoor lighting DIY ideas

Outdoor lighting makes your outdoors something else after the sun sets. Outdoor lights create the perfect setup for romantic dinners and happy moments with loved ones.

If you want to enjoy your time under the stars tonight, add string lights, mason jar lights, solar outdoor lights or tea lights to turn your space into a paradise.

Attach string lights to walls, tree branches, and eaves, or make permanent poles for them. Mason jars are great for decorative lighting and solar outdoor lights are simple to work with. Do you have any idea of how stunning a space looks with tea lights (waterproof candles floating on water, for instance)? Try it and be awed!

These DIY outdoor lights make patios and porches look great and are perfect for backyard party lighting. With these simple ideas, you don’t have to hurt your pocket to transform your outdoor space. They are easy-to-do but they will help you to create a space that you and your family will love.

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