5 Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Louisville Home

If you are searching for the perfect lighting for your home, you have come to the right place because this article will give you five creative lighting ideas for your home. You do not have to be a professional interior designer to be able to use these tips. All you need to is the right kind of lighting that you can install in your home.

Photo of a sample string light
String lighting can be used in a variety of ways, both indoors and out!

Lighting does not only make your home brighter. Creative lights can also make your home more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. This is why a lot of homeowners spend time and energy choosing the right kind of lighting for their homes. Below are five creative lighting ideas that you can try.

LED Lights

One of the most popular lighting used in houses is LED lights. LED lights are environment-friendly and are chosen by people who want to make their homes greener. They give off a soft glow that makes them popular for home use. You can install several LED lights in your home because they do not consume too much electricity.

String Lights

These are popular for outdoor use. String lights are small lights that are connected by a long electric cord or wire, like Christmas lights. This means that you can use your Christmas lights all year round. You can hang them on wooden posts and line up your driveway or walkway with tiny lights. You can also hang them on around trees or hedges to light up your front yard. You can choose one color or different colors for your string lights.


You usually see spotlights in gardens but did you know that you can also use them indoors? If there is a painting or wall art that you want to emphasize, you can do so using a spotlight. This will surely draw your guests’ attention and they will be impressed not only with your painting but also with the creativity of your lighting.

Low Lighting

Lights are usually installed on the ceiling or wall. However, you can also install lighting fixtures on the floor for a more original and unique look. The lighting is subtle which makes this perfect for your bedroom or hallway. You can install these floor lights on all four corners of a room. It will give off an upward brightness to your room which will make your home unique.

Asian Lanterns

These are red orbs of light that have a small bulb inside and are made of paper. The light that they emit is soft, which makes your garden or yard seem romantic. They are perfect if you are going to have a party or a romantic dinner for two in your garden. They are usually hung on trees. Just make sure that there is a nearby electric outlet where you are planning to hang the lanterns.

These are five creative lighting ideas for your Louisville home. You should try at least one of them to make your home brighter and more beautiful.