5 Things to Watch for During Junk Removal

Junk removal is probably one of the best things that can happen in your life. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need or want any longer can be an extremely liberating experience. Finally, all of those old bulky items are removed. The best of it is: you hardly have to do anything. You only need to give a reputable junk removal, like you can find on this site, a call. Before you know it, they’re already at your doorstep. Make sure that everything goes smoothly with these five things to consider.  

Photo of a room full of junk

If you’re moving, you definitely should declutter all of your spaces. Some items aren’t worth giving to charity… that’s where junk removal comes in!

1. Safety Is Key

Any time you’re moving things, especially old, broken items, injuries may occur. If you’re going to hire professionals, that means you’re less likely to get hurt yourself. Either way, it’s important for all parties to be safe.

Items that are especially large or heavy, will almost certainly require some experts on the job. Let your removal team know about the sizes of the items you wish to be removed so that they can bring along the proper equipment. It’s also of importance to make sure that there are no sharp objects, someone could cut himself at. Broken furniture often has nails sticking out. 

Watch Out for Splinters

Broken wood furniture imposes a risk of splinters. Splinters may not kill anyone, but they can be quite painful.

The junk removal guys need both their hands intact to remove your junk. Once one catches an injury, they cannot proceed as planned. Should you have such items or construction debris with sharp ends, make sure to sort them out the day before the junk removal. If you can’t make it, please be so kind to at least give the guys a shot. 

2. Time Is of the Essence

The least you should offer as support is to simply open doors. Moreover, if they have any questions, they can approach you at any time. At the same time, you can ask them any questions that may come up during the removal. 

Often, junk removal doesn’t necessarily require your presence. That’d be the case to eliminate hoarding situations or if your tenant left behind all of his belongings. If you have only a select amount of items that need to be removed, it’s best to stay on-site. You can offer support as well as refreshments to the junk removal team. Should they come across any obstacles during their job, they can ask you for advice.

3. Be a Part of the Operation

Photo of a pile of junk

By being present and offering your support you can make sure they don’t accidentally remove anything you want to keep. Last, but not least, it’s nice not to be completely anonymous. They don’t necessarily have to know your face and neither do you need to know theirs. But it does create a much friendlier atmosphere if you opened the door for them with a smile. 

4. Did You Forget Anything?

Most often, people forget about some items they wanted to have removed. Before the junk removal team arrives, it’s best to make sure you know exactly what to let go of. Since they’re already there, take a look into the attic and your garage. Are there any items that could be removed in the same clean sweep?

Also, take a look at other storage areas such as under the stairs. You won’t believe what you may find. And what you have neither thought about nor used in ages. To make sure that there’s nothing left that could have been collected at the same time, create a detailed list with items. 

Take Notes… Seriously.

Add a note about where those items are located. Cross each item off the list as you see it leaving your doorstep. By making sure that you don’t forget anything you’re also saving money.

Even if there was only this one small item you totally forgot about. They certainly come around again to take it off you, but that’s going to cost some extra.  

5. Tips Are Amazing

A lot of junk removals don’t quite go as planned. Maybe some items couldn’t be carried out as easily. There could be some extra work involved such as removing your door frames if more width is needed. Should you have been unable to disassemble items that are too large, they will do it for you. But that’s also some extra work they may not have anticipated.

At the end of the job, a good junk removal service makes sure to leave your place spotless. They’re doing the cleaning you’d have done otherwise. Of course, it’s an auspicious service you may not expect. What about a junk removal team doing the work for you in general?

Final Words

Certainly, you pay junk removal workers for their labor, but you’re also extremely grateful that there are people who do this kind of job. Give the junk removal guys a tip before they leave. Show them your appreciation for their grand service and any extra work they may have done.