5 Tips for Creating Your Dream Bedroom

So you’ve decided that you want to redo your bedroom. You want something different and that you’re tired of coming home to the same old stuff every day. Or maybe you just spent too long in here in 2020 and 2022 is right around the corner. Read on to learn five great tips for creating your dream bedroom.

Photo of a newly updated bedroom
Photo by Jean van der Meulen

Whatever the reason, you’ve probably realized that the hard work has only just begun. Now, you’re probably feeling confused and wondering if you’re better off hiring an interior designer to help you with creating your new bedroom and if that would be worth the money. Hold the phone!

Actually, it might not be as hard as you think. Allow us to give you some advice on pulling this bedroom makeover on your own, and if you’re still not convinced, go right on and hire that interior design expert.

1. Prioritize Comfort 

If you have any special needs, or furniture that you love and are used to, don’t throw it out simply due to aesthetics. You don’t have to settle for something less practical just because it would look better. Remember – your bedroom is first and foremost a living space, and it needs to be a comfortable environment for you. 

So keep that adjustable bed that helps with your backache, or that beanbag that you love to read in. Okay, maybe you can replace the bean bag with a different bean bag that fits your theme more, but you get the point. 

2. Pick a Theme 

This might be hard and you might feel lost given all the possibilities. But once you decide upon a theme creating your dream bedroom will be much easier. So let’s narrow your search down to two or three themes that hold your interest. Bounce them off the people who know you best and gather their feedback.  

This is because every theme has its own rules, tips, tricks, and furniture styles that you’ll be restricted to. It also helps provide you with a guideline or a blueprint of sorts, so you don’t end up confused as you might be at the moment. 

Photo of a bedroom with a four poster gun
Photo by Tan Danh

3. Make a Mood Board 

Mood boards or aesthetic boards are a great way to narrow down your vision even further. Pinterest has tons of them! They’ll give you a more solid guide to go by when picking furniture styles, wall colors, decor, or anything else, really.

Making one will also give you the chance to experiment and see what goes well with what, and it’s way better than just picking a single central piece of furniture and then making your whole interior design revolve around that piece. 

This isn’t the 1990s anymore where matching furniture was all the rage. Now it’s all about furniture that goes together but doesn’t all look the same! 

4. Accent Walls 

If you’re looking for something to tie your whole bedroom together, or that one simple thing that will help you completely transform your bedroom, this is it. Accent walls can stand out and make a statement, or they can help make your bedroom look like a single, uniform unit instead of a mishmash of furniture that should go together, but somehow doesn’t. 

You can be as creative as you want. Just find a way to decorate the wall so that it stands out. Think light and vivid paintings against a dark backdrop. Or a mural or art right on the wall, textured paint, something glittery, or even simple patterns like stripes or polka dots. A lot of people even like to put geometric patterns on there – really there are tons of great wallpaper options out there!

5. Decorate the Windows 

The kind of window coverings you have and the way they’re decorated can make or break your whole bedroom. Go with sheer curtains or light window shades if you want your bedroom to look fresh, open, and airy. You can even opt for shades and curtains both to control the amount of light in the room, or you can just get some fancy curtains that make a statement. 

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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