5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

The sad fact is that a lot of people simply can’t afford – or don’t have – the amount of space that they would like in their property. Yet, that doesn’t have to mean that small homes cannot be embraced and fully optimized for spacious living. There are many simple hacks and changes you can make your home feel bigger and create a larger sense of space. Here’s how.

Photo of some custom furniture in a living room
Custom furniture really stands out. It also allows you to get more precise with the perfect furniture size to make your home feel bigger.

1. Consider Customized Furniture

If you have a small space full of awkward-angled walls and oddly-shaped rooms, then it may be that the furniture pieces you want simply won’t fit properly without serving as an obstacle or taking up your entire space altogether. Where possible, you could consider custom furniture solutions designed for the shape of your room. Two more ideas—consider a built-in wardrobe or have a bed built to live within a full-wall shelving unit.  

2. Incorporate Outside Storage Solutions

If you have a small property that feels distinctly cluttered, but you simply can’t part with the items within your home, then you should consider alternative storage solutions which will free up space in your main living area. If you have a generous amount of outside space, you could opt for adding storage space outside to hold general items which you need to be stored and keep them separate from inside the home. This can be in the form of a shed or storage container to safely store your items when you’re not using them and help to free your home from clutter.

3. Use Glass and Mirrors

Photo of a bathroom with a cool circular mirror
Mirrors work magic making any space feel much larger.

Glass is your best friend when it comes to creating more depth and the illusion of space for a room. To make a room feel more wholly open, you could replace the room doors with glass doors instead of thick wooden ones, and choose glass-topped furniture such as coffee tables and sideboards. You should also use mirrors to adorn the walls, which will give a full-depth effect and make the room feel a whole lot larger.

4. Decorate in Light Colors

It may sound like a decorating cliché and an unwelcome suggestion for those who prefer darker, bolder colors, but the simple truth is that lighter colors give the illusion of more space and a lighter and brighter living environment. Painting a smaller room in more natural colors can help it to feel more refreshed and open. If you would still like to hold on to your darker shades, you could opt for the best of both, and decorate the main walls in light colors which you can then contrast with dark features such as curtains, artwork or lampshades.

5. Make Use of Wall Shelves

Shelving units are great when storage is needed, but floor-standing units can also take up a lot of valuable space. Instead, try and use as many unobtrusive wall-mounted shelves as you can, and you can get creative with the positioning; you could even try over the door shelves to tuck away storage solutions into the corner.