5 Ways to Upgrade Your Deck for a Better Outdoor Experience

There is no substitute for spending quality time on a deck with your loved ones. If your house already has a deck, you would agree with the incredible benefits of having an outdoor space. If that’s you, we’ve collected five ways to upgrade your deck for an even better outdoor living experience.

Photo of a man staining a wood deck
Having a deck on your home is wonderful but sometimes it takes a little work on your part to keep it looking great.

If it’s good, it can be made better. You can improve your deck and turn it into a space that is even more stylish, more useful, and more fun!

1. Upgrade the space by including storage

Are you making the most of your deck space? Or is it rather a mess-like area occupied with gardening tools, kids’ toys, and watering cans?

When you spend more time in your yard, it will be only natural that you start piling up things on your deck. In that case, including storage in your deck will assist you in getting things in place and provide you with a more usable portion to spend time on.

Putting away your provisions in deck boxes aids you clean up a bit, yet it is recommended that you go for built-in storage offering the accumulated advantage of more storage and more seating. A storage bench is a great idea and can be easily built with the same material as that of the deck. You can likely do this task as a weekend project or hire a local contractor.

2. Heat it up with a fire pit or heater

After fall comes winter and things are going to get chilly. Placing a fire pit serves as a wonderful addition to your deck since it works as a central point where everybody can sit together and have roasted marshmallows. What’s more, it makes your deck more attractive throughout the year.

For those with a little space on their decks, they can consider installing a patio heater on it. Either of these ways to upgrade your deck will give you a chance to enjoy winter nights on your deck.

3. Build a deck overhang

While you’re upgrading your deck, you should also consider building a deck overhang or covering. It doesn’t only ward off birds, unwanted rain, and the wind, but offers sufficient shade to your guests. If you happen to live in Michigan, constructing a deck overhang isn’t an easy task, and you might have to approach a contractor to get it done.

Once it’s built, your deck can be an ideal spot to host family and guests at a barbecue dinner. With a deck overhang, you get a bordered area to sit and enjoy the breezy nights outside. And don’t forget, it also increases the value of your property!

4. Rail and gate for a safer sitting

If you have kids, getting a railing and gate on your deck should be a part of your priority list! Your deck experience will become cozier and safer. This is additionally an incredible opportunity to include colors to your deck as there is no need for your railing to be the same color as the deck.

5. Make your outside pleasant with comfortable furniture

Do you like spending more of your time outdoors than indoors? If so, then your deck should be the favorite space of your home. Make it an enjoyable place where you can sit for hours. You won’t find this comfort with lawn chairs. Get outdoor wicker seats and couches to form a second living room in your outdoors.

Hope you have enjoyed these five ways to upgrade your deck. A deck is a fantastic input to your home, but a custom deck is even betterhaving everything you want. To build that ultimate deck, you can try to go DIY or more likely, contact an expert contractor to do it for you.