Will Updating Your Deck Make Your Home’s Value Increase?

Decks are excellent features because they give you space to enjoy the great outdoors. If you happen to live by the ocean, Decks & Docks makes fantastic additions that enhance property value and quality of life. No matter where you live, updating your deck grows the livable space for your family and increases the value of your home.

Photo of a covered deck
Thinking about updating your deck? Consider making a portion of it covered so you can enjoy it even during bad weather.

When you think about the process of updating your outdoor space, the cost is only one factor. You should also factor in the amount of use this new space will receive, the improved curb appeal, as well as, the increase in the value of your property.

Don’t forget, the value of the job is related to the work quality and the materials used. Inferior materials and shoddy craftsmanship can diminish the value you might add. If you want the deck to last as long as possible, using the right materials is huge. Don’t skimp!

Hiring Experts

When a property owner adds a custom deck to a home, it has an impact. Depending on the project and your own level of proficiency, you may be better off dealing with a professional construction company that understands the entire process. If the deck will be located “on the water” it’s even more crucial to hire experts who specialize in building these kinds of structures.

If your deck is going to be a more modest project or if you have DIY experience, then maybe building it yourself is the way to go. Saving money is great, right? When you already have an older deck in place and are just updating your deck then it’s certainly an easier project to tackle.

Consider your Location

The more time you spend outdoors, the more value having a deck or patio adds to your home. The colder the region, the more difficult it is to justify a pricey addition because you will use only during a few months of the year. Take this in mind when you’re choosing to build a new deck or expand your current deck.

Check Out Your Neighbor’s Home

Photo of a view a beautiful deck
The best decks are the ones that afford the best views!

If you drive around your neighborhood and pretty much every home has a deck, you probably could use one too. Conversely, if you see just a couple then that tells you something.

This will really come into play if you’re planning on selling your home soon. Speak with a local real estate expert to get a better feel for the market in your area. Keep in mind you don’t want your home to be the most expensive in the neighborhood. That often means a reduced sale price compared to a similar-sized property.

Decide on Your Primary Objectives

The perfect deck creates a casual gathering area for friends and family. But that’s not all! As stated previously, updating your deck will also increase the value of your home. Any experienced agent will tell you that updated properties sell faster than those that need work.

Keep a few primary principles in mind when putting together your plan, including the following.

  • High-quality materials are often worth the extra money they cost.
  • Take time to design the project to meet both your family’s objectives as well as your budget.
  • If it’s a big or unusual project, hire a professional contractor rather than going it alone.

Ask friends and family for recommendations. You can never have enough great advice. Shop around! Get multiple bids before selecting the best company.

We hope that this article has helped spur your thinking and point you in the best possible direction. Good luck!