8 Traits of the Most Successful Real Estate Agents

Now that I’ve been in “the business” for coming up on 20 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes the most successful real estate agents. There are other factors as well, but these traits come first. These fit nicely alongside the best practices for real estate agents.

Photo of 5 successful business professionals
Most successful real estate agents have these 8 traits.

Get these down and you’re well on your way to real estate success!

#1 Trustworthy

Most real estate business is through word of mouth. True story. So, when someone asks their friend, “Do you know a good Realtor?” Only those that had great experiences with their trusted Realtor, will enthusiastically share that agent’s name.

Because it’s such an important transaction in anyone’s life, the stakes are high! During the process, buyers and sellers will quickly come to know if the agent they selected is trustworthy. Are they working on behalf of their client? Or, out for themselves?

A portion of this trait (and why it’s so very important) is honesty. A trustworthy Realtor knows when he’s too busy and refers new clients to quality agents who have more bandwidth. A dishonest Realtor will accept all clients and give all of them poor service.

#2 Real Estate Experience

Some might wonder why this one ranks so high. Let me tell you. It’s because the world of real estate is so broad that there are literally thousands of different situations that may come up at any given point in a real estate transaction.

Properties of all kinds, every person is unique, each with their own distinct set of qualities. All this means that even agents 40 years in the business may have only experienced 15 to 20 percent of everything there is to know.

So it makes sense that you’ll want a real estate agent who has the experience to tackle whatever might come up.

#3 Servant’s Heart

At the core, a successful Realtor is a servant. Serving each and every need that a client may have.

Need me to pick you up? No problem. Did you forget your umbrella? Sure, use mine! Did someone come up and you need to reschedule? You got it!

The answer should always be, “yes” and quickly. Realtors who see their clients in this light will be the most successful and have long careers.

#4 Uses Well-Tuned Processes

Photo of Most Successful Real Estate Agent
Get these qualities down and start charting your path to success.

Don’t let this one throw you. We all have processes by which we operate but some are incomplete or haphazard. Every successful agent will have processes in place that handle every aspect of the job.

This means lead prospecting, referrals (both in and out), accounting, expenses, scheduling, showing feedback, and the list goes on and on. Create a process that works for you, fine-tune it, and then use it over and over until it becomes second nature.

#5 Responsive

The most successful real estate agents respond promptly and professionally to their clients. This character trait can not be understated.

There are literally thousands of agents to choose from in most large markets, so consumers can find a new one if you’re not giving them the service they need. Don’t forget to ask your clients their preferred method of communication. Baby Boomers often prefer the phone while Millennials are all about texting. Give the people what they want!

#6 Detail-Oriented/Organized

Being organized makes everything better. It dove-tails nicely well-tuned processes. Organized people are less likely to lose track of any small, but important, detail. In each real estate transaction, there are a great many details to keep track of.  Keep solid records and make sure they are all accessible to you via your smartphone when you are away from your desk.

#7 Knowledgeable

You might expect this one to rank higher but industry knowledge is easily attainable. It does change over time so the most successful real estate agents thrive on learning both the new changes to real estate laws and regulations. They also are on top of the latest in new technology that can help them better serve their current clients or even attract new ones.

Successful people in general are always learning.

#8 Loves Houses

It might seem silly but it really shouldn’t be. Realtors who love houses, architecture, space planning and the like, will inherently do a better job for their clients because they love what they’re doing.

Showing homes becomes more fun when you love looking at different kinds of properties. Which leads to… happier Realtors being more successful Realtors.