Architect Jobs That Are Most in Demand

If you have been gearing up to enter the field of architecture, you are probably all set with the most impressive credentials you can get. Maybe a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree in architecture from a reputed, accredited college, a specialization in some area, and the requisite licensing. That’s a lot right there. Now you’re looking for architect jobs.

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The next step is to determine where to focus your energies. This way you have a steady stream of projects flowing in with a good potential for earning. In the current environment, this is possible in the following three areas.

1. Educational Institution Design

The expectation in the industry is that many school districts are gearing up to renovate and add to their existing buildings. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for architects who have a skill and experience in this specific area.

Be it a school building or a college or even a training institute of some kind; there are certain special considerations to be kept in mind given the magnitude of students who will be regularly using the facilities. Honing your skills in this kind of design is a smart move currently.

2. Health Care Industry

Health care is another fast-growing industry that requires specialized design skills. Hone your skills in hospital design and you can easily find projects involving the construction of medical facilities and clinics or therapeutic centers or even hospital renovations. This again is an area where experience or specialized training comes in very handy. The reason is that the requirements of patients with unique needs have to be factored in at the design stage and catered to.

3. Environmentally Friendly Design

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This is a more general skill but just as useful given the number of individuals and corporates keen on using green buildings and green construction methods. Specializing in knowing how to incorporate design elements that allow minimal use of non-renewable resources and that include eco-friendly aspects that offer long-term benefits to the environment is an excellent move.

There will always be architect jobs available for those with strong experience in an environmentally friendly design.

The go-green movement catching on fast! Both homeowners and business owners are enthusiastically embracing green building designs. They are willing to pay a premium for architects who can give them truly effective green designs. This is a great time to leverage this opportunity.

When You Set Up Your Architect’s Firm

One of the first and most critical aspects to focus on is to protect your new business from risk. Most entrepreneurs know the importance of taking out a general insurance plan to protect their business premises, employees, etc. against damage caused by various causes.

However, what is commonly overlooked is professional liability insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions insurance. Follow this link to learn more about Architect Liability Insurances.

In brief, what this insurance does is protect your business finances in the event of client lawsuits. If a client is dissatisfied with your service and feels that you have delayed the project or given faulty advice or delivered inadequate solutions, then he might file a lawsuit against your firm and claim damages.

In such a situation, you need to fight the case in court to save your reputation and protect your business. This can be a very expensive affair. Especially if the verdict is not in your favor and you need to pay out damages in addition to court fees, attorney fees, and other costs. With professional liability coverage, your insurance plan covers all these expenses so you can undertake a legal battle without fear of crippling your business financially.


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