At the Build, Renovate & Landscape Expo You Never Know What You’ll Find

We like to keep you up-to-date with the different home shows that come to town. It’s interesting because most of the time you’ll find 70% of the businesses involved actually belong in the show because their products or services match the show’s title. The other 30% are up for grabs!

Photo of parents speaking with exhibitor while children play with their balloon animals
Many booths will make an effort to entertain the visitor’s children. These balloons came courtesy of Hawkeye Security.

Out of the 104 companies at this year’s expo, there were many booths that I’m sure you’d find familiar, such as companies that provide replacement windows, custom patios, or bathtub inserts. Some big names like ADT, Anderson, Champion, and UBuildIt, all provide home improvement products.

This is not why I visit these events.

What I’m looking for are new, innovative products that Louisville hasn’t seen before. Take, for instance, LifeStone Dynamic, with the audacious claim to sell the world’s first bendable stone. Check this out!

Turns out, they’re a Louisville company. For about 1/4 the cost of stone and a 20-year warranty, their faux stone solutions are certainly worth considering.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard advertisements for maintenance-free gutter systems. Many do a fine job of keeping debris out while channeling water away from the house. But the new Gutter Magician product also boasts a durability advantage over its competitors due to a patented internal brace designed by a member of the Louisville J. B. Speed School of Engineering. For the same price, that’s a big benefit.

Phantom Screens has a broad range of retractable screens that can also be mechanized for use with a simple remote control. They’ll create a custom solution to fit the doors, windows or even wider openings such as on covered porches or patios. Cool stuff!

Photo of some people trying out the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort
Not sure when a bed became a renovation but you get the picture.

Then there were the not-so-home-improvement booths at this year’s show. I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually attend one of these shows with plans to purchase a VibaBody Slimmer, Airfeet Insoles, or Ravine Springs Amish Cheese. But it must be profitable for these companies, otherwise, they wouldn’t attend.

Until next time, “Cheers!”