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New Tech Opens Homeowners to Theft

Foursquare logo
Foursquare might be fun but there’s a danger as well.

Isn’t all of our new technology fun? Honestly, raise your hand if you thought a few years ago that for the price of a few hundred dollars a person could let his smartphone “listen” to the music on the car stereo and tell him what song it is, who it’s by and even purchase and download the song immediately? Amazing! That application is called Shazam and it’s free! Wow.


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Real Estate Investing Opportunities Align for Religious Institutions

I’ve written several pieces recently about how the current real estate market in Louisville is lining up well for certain profiles. The current freeze on foreclosures by some of our nation’s largest lenders has muddied the water for getting your hands on capital. But local lenders like Stockyards and Republic both posted healthy quarterly earnings.

Photo of a Louisville Home
Homes like this one may be great investments to use as rental properties or for resale.

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Optimism in New Construction Inches Upward, Louisville Neighborhoods

The National Association of Home Builders charts its members’ outlook towards business in the future. This index is something they use to make decisions on behalf of their membership. News out this month that this index has moved up for the first time in five months.

Home Buying Process spelled out for this family
Optimism in new construction is starting to move higher.

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Freeze on Foreclosures a Mixed Bag, Opportunities and Risks Abound

It’s no secret that the housing market has seen better days, to put it politely. In a typical market, distressed properties account for 7% of all home sales. Some estimate that nationwide, that number is currently around 41%. Louisville real estate is far below both of these.

Photo of a Louisville house
Experts think there are tremendous opportunities in real estate for those with financial means. | Photo: Tre Pryor

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Real Estate Investors Like Louisville

The Wall St. Journal had a piece earlier this week called 10 Best and Worst Markets for Real Estate Investors. It cites a Local Market Monitor, Inc. that looks to utilize “equilibrium” home prices. These take into consideration what home values should probably be in relation to population, job growth, income, and other factors.

Photo of a Louisville home
Certain homes are better suited to rental properties than others but real estate investors can find a lot to like about Louisville. | Photo: Tre Pryor

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10 Reasons To Buy a Louisville Home

Inspired by The Wall St. Journal’s timely and relevant 10 Reasons To Buy a Home, I thought our readers would enjoy hitting the same points but with a hometown flavor. Now we have these reasons to buy a Louisville home.

Photo of a family with their new home
Do you want to buy a Louisville home? You’re not alone.

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Home Sales Activity for Louisville vs. Nation

Came across a great resource on real estate stats for Louisville, KY on Lots to address but today I’ll just look at this first chart on home sales and growth since 2002.

Chart of Kentucky Home Sales (Red Line) and Sales Growth
This chart is for the entire state of Kentucky but it’s interesting to see how quickly the downturn came back up.

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How Much Can I Afford to Spend on a House?

“How much can I afford to spend on a house” is a relevant question that comes into the mind of thousands of homebuyers all over the world. To answer this question, the home affordability calculators offered by multiple lenders play an important role.

Photo of two men using a laptop and notepad to determine mortgage values
Online mortgage calculators can help prospective home buyers determine the appropriate amount to spend on a new Louisville home.

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Louisville 9th Least Expensive Cities Says Kiplinger

Kiplinger and Forbes have been singing our city’s praises lately. Recently Forbes ranked Louisville 37th in Nation for Housing Recovery. Then Kiplinger named Louisville the regional winner for home price stability. Then, to top it off, Forbes claims Louisville real estate is the 4th most affordable in the nation.

Photo of Louisville, Most Affordable Cities
Louisville, KY keeps raking up national real estate accolades.

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VA Loan Primer

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supports specific home loans. These are called VA Loans and are available to veterans or active duty service members wishing to purchase a home. Since its inception, the VA loan program has helped nearly 18 million veterans and active duty service men and women achieve homeownership.

Photo of a front door knocker
Could the key to getting your first home be located in this VA Loan Primer?

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Louisville #4 Most Affordable City to Buy a Home

The website confuses me. I know they’re trying to have more pages, so each page can have more ads, thus more ad revenue, but as far as navigating it, I always find it frustrating.

Photo of Home in Douglass Hills
Houses like this great ranch home in Douglass Hills are quite affordable when compared with the nation as a whole. | Photo: Tre Pryor

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