Guide to Buying a House in Kentucky as a Non-Resident

Purchasing a real estate property nowadays anywhere is a real challenge because of the market that is constantly changing. The prices in the United States vary from one minute to another and you have to prepare yourself mentally for the whole process. However, this experience is always very exciting as well and you should have some hints of which steps to take when buying a house in Kentucky as a non-resident.

Photo of a charming home on a large lot in Kentucky
Buying a home as a non-resident whether in Kentucky or in another state usually involves a couple of extra steps.

1. Team Up with a Leading Local Expert

To begin with, you should seriously consider asking for advice from a true expert in the field of real estate. Consulting a person who is a real estate agent in Kentucky with enough experience in the business can be just the right thing to do. Luckily, today, you can contact more than one professional online and see who is the person who suits you the most with their energy.

Hire a professional real estate agent to help you and guide you in the whole process of buying a house in Kentucky.

When it comes to searching for a new home in a different state, communication is of very high importance. This is why it is crucial to have by your side the people who understand you well. Especially when you have in mind moving to a different state and purchasing a family home because it includes so many changes which cause many to feel a bit insecure.

2. Hire a Top Moving Company

Which states are moving to Kentucky the most? Nowadays, people from certain states are relocating with their loved ones to Kentucky more often. For example, families from Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee are most likely to choose Kentucky for their new home.

For example, there are many wonderful moving companies and excellent professionals in Tennessee like Spyder Moving that can give you very useful advice for the relocation process itself and help you out in the best way possible. So, you should not avoid hiring professional help when moving to Kentucky with your whole family because experienced teams can make the whole process stress-free.

Photo of a woman working on her laptop with her cellphone.
One of the best things you can do is to locate a top local Realtor in the state you’re targeting.

3. Do Your Research Online First

Moreover, we strongly advise you to do online research on your own before buying a house in Kentucky as a non-resident. This will help you learn about the real estate trends, home prices, and many different housing offers in Kentucky. It is always better to know some information than to rely completely on a real estate agent for various reasons.

Some of them are not having enough time in their schedule for you and the process of finding your new home is taking longer. Also, some realtors seem reliable at first, but later you realize that they are not the right person for you. Therefore, the best is to rely on yourself the most when searching for a new family home in Kentucky.

4. Visit the Property in Person

Importantly, before you buy a real estate property in Kentucky that you find perfect for you and your loved ones, make sure to see it in person. Yes, it is perfectly understandable if you cannot do this for different reasons, but at least try to take some time and go there if possible.

Photo of a beautiful open concept kitchen and family room
Seeing the whole house in Kentucky in person is much better than an online tour.

Today, after the Covid situation many people prefer virtual house tours and that is fine. Usually, people opt for this way of seeing different homes because it is less time-consuming, and money-saving. Also, it is safer for people who have little kids due to the risks of different viruses.

However, it is risky at the same time because it is easier to trick people into buying something. Just like clothing items can look different in videos and photographs, the same goes for houses and apartments. As you can see, it is way better to go and see in person a property you want to purchase in Kentucky than to take the risk and pay for something that in reality is not what you think.

5. Consult with Your Family Members

Finally, consulting with your loved ones before buying a new home in Kentucky is a necessary thing to do. You need to decide together what you want from a new house in this state from interior to exterior design and many other amenities. For example, whether you need a garage and garden, how many floors you need, and similar things.

Perhaps some of your family members want a room with a balcony. Others want to have a swimming pool in the backyard. As you can see, it is important to respect everyone’s wishes if it is possible and affordable. 

So, once you all agree upon what is what you want to purchase, share that information with your agent. It is crucial for them to focus on certain priorities when searching for the perfect home. Investing in a new house is not something people do every day, so be patient and careful during the process.


To conclude, buying a house in Kentucky as a non-resident requires certain steps. First of all, hire a professional Realtor who lives in Kentucky. Secondly, hiring movers who have experience on time and relying on their tips. Thirdly, do research by yourself on different housing offers in Kentucky. Fourthly, see the property you believe is the right for you in person if possible. Fifthly, consult with your family members about all the decisions regarding what kind of home in Kentucky everyone would be happy with.