Home Renovation Ideas for a Small House

In recent years, the adventurous concept of minimalism has deeply penetrated the housing market. Tiny homes anyone? First-time buyers realize the advantages of a small home or condo in terms of budgeting and market value. Buying a small houses is almost always an excellent first investment. Read on to learn about renovation ideas for a small house.

Small spaces can still be user-friendly and inviting.
Small spaces can still be user-friendly and inviting.

Small houses come in various masterfully crafted styles, such as ranches, prairie-style houses, cottages, craftsman bungalows, and many others. These homes have a unique appeal, a cost-effective and flexible homeownership journey, and other far-reaching advantages.

What’s more, homeowners can always undertake smart renovations to give their space an illusion of spaciousness. This article will walk you through some creative and pragmatic renovation ideas to enlargen your space.

Efficient Storage Solutions

Small homes have small spaces which usually means little storage. So one of the most important renovation ideas for a small house is adding efficient storage.

Often you find your home heavily cluttered from the kitchen to the living room. When things do not have a designated space, they tend to end up in places you’d least expect them to. Are you constantly tripping on toys? Is your garage crammed up with unwanted items, old baby furniture, and discarded appliances?

It would be best if you looked into multiple storage solutions that make your home decluttered and well-organized. Homeowners with small houses should can rent out a self-storage unit. A storage unit will help you discard all the unwanted items without throwing them away. You can empty up all the decluttered space, such as your garage, and put it to good use.

Here are some ideas to add smart storage to your small house:

  • Think about floating shelves.
  • Rotating cupboards are bigger than you might think.
  • Have you seen sneaky cabinets?
  • Sometimes you can install pull-out shelves in spaces where you might never have thought to look.

Cruise through these clever storage ideas on Pinterest for even more great renovation ideas.

Built-in Furniture

Does your space look cramped after adding bulky furniture? Small spaces are not ideally suited for heavy furniture and furnishings. Instead, you can take a smarter approach with built-in furniture and recessed cabinetry. It will help you save up floor space and make efficient use of your floor space to create a roomy effect.

Built-in furniture looks exquisite and tasteful with its bespoke craftsmanship and gives your home a decluttered and neat appearance. They are a brilliant option for rooms where you can’t fit a large piece of furniture. When you design your built-in furniture look for places to hide some additional storage.

Shake Up the Floor Plan

Opening up the floor plan is a remarkable idea to give a small home a spacious, homely, and roomy appearance. You see, walls create boundaries that break up space, making it seem cut off and heavily crowded. A closed floor plan is often impractical for most people.

For instance, if our living room, dining room, and kitchen are adjacent, that’s the first wall to think about removing. People love it when the kitchen is open to the main living space.

Removing walls also invites in more natural light from neighboring rooms. This also increases the sense of space. Just make sure to consult with an expert whenever taking down walls, especially if there’s another floor above.

Invest in Brighter Lighting

Brighter lighting in the small room or hallways will make your space look bigger and well-lit. Well-lit areas give the illusion of spaciousness and seamless connectivity. You can also add up mirrors in strategic positions to further play up your bright lights.

While renovating the lights, consider replacing those heavy old drapes and curtains. Consider a modern and style-savvy option that will bring in more light without compromising your privacy, such as blinds. You can explore many designs and materials in blinds to flatter your tastes and aesthetic preferences. Go online and see how many blinds today can be motorized for that impressive “Wow!” factor.

Find a Purpose for Every Space

Regardless of how small your home is, there is always a room that is underused or neglected. For instance, the attic or garage is there for dumping our clutter, so the remaining rooms are well-organized. It is an inefficient strategy that prevents us from using every room and space on our property.

Consider repurposing the underused rooms, or join them up with the adjacent room by removing the wall. You can create a large bedroom with a walk-in closet or even a fitness studio in the attic. The garage doesn’t have to function as a junkyard for your clutter when it can serve as a home office.


Here’s hoping these renovation ideas for a small house will start your brain working on what creative ideas can do for your home. Don’t forget, more light will increase the feeling of space so letting in more sunlight is huge. Natural daylight is the best, but if your house has few windows, think about adding light fixtures and mirrors. Good luck… you can do it!