How to Create the Relaxing Bedroom You’ve Always Wanted

Getting enough sleep is essential to your well-being. While many things might keep you up at night, a dingy, uncomfortable bedroom should not be one of them. Not only is this space a place for you to get some rest, but it can also be a sanctuary of sorts for those who share their home with others (other than the bathroom, of course!). In this piece, we’ll highlight the best ways to create the relaxing bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. Keep reading!

Photo of a minimalist bedroom
Maybe this relaxing bedroom is out of reach but you can definitely make yours amazing! | Photo by Patryk Kamenczak

1. Make Sure You Have Adequate Storage

Sitting in a messy room is anything but relaxing, and it can make you feel more stressed and uncomfortable. If you want your bedroom to be a serene space, you will need to make sure there is adequate storage space to keep your belongings organized.

Custom closets can be great for this as well as looking stylish. If you don’t have a lot of floor space in your bedroom, consider putting up wall shelves, and coat hooks, and even purchasing a bed frame with built-in storage instead.

2. Comfortable Furniture

Do you really want a relaxing bedroom? Start with the bed! No one wants to sleep on an uncomfortable bed, so make sure that the bed frame you do buy is of good quality. You will also need a good mattress for a better night’s sleep as if it doesn’t support your body properly, you’ll struggle to get settled at night.

If you don’t want a mattress that is too firm, try a medium firm mattress instead, as this might be ideal for you. It is worth testing mattresses in-store before you buy one to get a better idea of what feels right for you. You’ll also need a wardrobe and chest of drawers to keep your clothes neatly stored and protected. If you have enough space in your bedroom, you might also want to think about getting a cute armchair you can sit on to read or relax when you want some downtime.

3. Let in Natural Light

Photo of a room with a woman under a skylight
Photo by Yaroslava Borz

Natural light is perfect for making you feel positive and calm, so letting in as much as you can into your bedroom is a must if you want to capture that kind of atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling windows can achieve this, but if you’re not keen on that, skylights are another option worth exploring. You can always invest in black-out blinds or curtains for when you want to get some shut-eye and don’t want to be disturbed by either natural light or artificial light from the streetlamps when you sleep.

4. Calming Colors

Some people might find neutral tones boring, but they are brilliant at creating a calming atmosphere and can also offer a more timeless interior design that you can enjoy for years. After learning about the Psychology of Colors, then you can introduce splashes of more vibrant color if you want to through artwork or furnishings. Some of the most calming colors you can choose for your zen bedroom include lavender, blue, soft and earthy greens, soft yellows, creams, pinks, and gray. 

If you want to create the ultimate calming atmosphere in your bedroom, consider the tips above and see how they can best work for you.

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