7 Key Features of Glass Railing That Give All Benefits and No Harm

In many establishments, including residences, balustrades are often used to protect stairways, patios, or other spaces by improving the aesthetics of the place. Although these railings can be built out of various kinds of materials, such as timber, bronze, iron, stainless steel, and marble, however, it’s the glass railing that’s trending. Read on to learn more! 

Photo of some glass railings

Why is glass railing more beneficial than wood/steel railing?

Currently, architects and interior designers are big on frameless glass railing. You can visit here to check out the estimate of all details for the glass railing. Let us take a closer look at the significant advantages a glass railing can offer over its wooden or metal counterparts.

Why is glass railing more beneficial than wood/steel railing?

1. Enhance Aesthetics

A glass balustrade has the ability to add charm to any structure. It can instantly impart a vibrant, luxurious touch to any business or home. The glass reflects and hence, works beautifully with the light contributing to a building’s elegance— a feature that is not inherent to the wooden or metal versions.

2. Easy Maintenance

Photo of a glass and steel railing system

You might guess that a frameless glass railing is easy to clean… and it is! Balustrades made from other materials such as wood or steel might be challenging to maintain, as they are crafted intricately. With glass, however, you only need a quality glass cleaner, and in a matter of a few minutes, you can wipe the grime off your balustrades.

Additionally, if your glass railing suffers scratches or other damage, polishing can almost instantly restore it to its original beauty— this is another major advantage over balustrades made of alloy or timber.

3. The Illusion of More Space

Also, the use of glass in the construction of railings gives the illusion of more room! Whether this is in your apartment, your house, or office building. This is especially true if your balustrade is manufactured out of clear, see-through glass.

Your perception will be of a much bigger space. Other materials, such as aluminum, chrome, timber, or iron, block your view from moving outward.

Photo of a glass outdoor railing

4. Versatile Design

Another advantage of using a glass railing is the design flexibility that this material offers. Glass can be used by itself, or along with other materials as desired. There are many, many options!

Irrespective of the interior decor styling in your house, glass offers a perfect railing option, since it looks gorgeous in both traditional and contemporary settings. 

5. High Durability

Most people think that glass is fragile and can easily shatter. However, in reality, it is an incredibly durable building material. 

In fact, depending on the grade of glass, it can be more durable than many metals—certainly stronger than wood. Glass is not susceptible to pests, molds, or deterioration due to rust.

Photo of a curved glass railing system

Glass ages gradually, so the variations that take place over a certain period are hardly perceptible to the naked eye. The excellent longevity of the material makes your investment worthwhile because, with little maintenance and care, glass railings can last you for decades.

6. Easy to Install

Designing and installing a railing made out of glass is generally easier than raising balustrades made from other media. 

Depending on the system, some take more time than others. But in most cases, they still offer smooth, fast installation compared to railings made of timber, steel or chrome.

7. Eco-friendly

Because glass is easy to recycle and chemically inactive, it is an environmentally friendly resource to use for the designing of railings. On the contrary, metal balustrades, especially the ones crafted out of iron, tend to release toxic emissions during the process of oxidation and corrosion. If you are trying to use environmentally friendly products in your house or company, glass is hands-down an excellent choice.

Which glass type is more beneficial in glass railing?

Whether it’s your outdoor patio, deck, or interiors, having glass railing systems present a bold and awe-inspiring style statement. The use of glass as a key component in railing structures has been a pioneering trend in interior design. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to selecting glass panels, there is also some variation of materials other than the glass railing styles. There are two main alternatives when it comes to safety glass: 

  • Tempered 
  • Laminated. 

Tempered glass: Popularly addressed as ‘invisible railings,’ these kinds of glass balustrade panels act as an invisible image frame because of the material clarity. In short, you get to sit down and appreciate your balcony’s exterior view sans any interruption. It is an ideal recommendation for homes with kids and pets. 

Laminated glass: It is referred to as a ‘glass sandwich,’ because of the layer of vinyl inserted between the two adjacent glass panels. The adhesion of different interlayers is the prime reason behind the material’s strong cohesion. Owing to its higher strength, this material is widely preferred to build interior glass railings.