How to Remove Bathroom Mirror Safely from Wall

In the past, covering your bathroom wall with mirrors from ceiling to floor was an amazing idea. However, things have changed radically. Today, homeowners are looking for a new way to do away with the unframed bathroom mirror and opt for something that is more personalized and stylish. 

Photo of a contemporary bathroom with wall mounted mirrors

Bathroom mirrors come in all shapes and sizes… and even styles! Don’t feel like you’re stuck with a wall-mounted mirror when there are so many other great options!

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

There are several bathroom mirror types. Some of which include:

Wall Bathroom Mirrors

If you’re looking to create a spa-worthy bathroom, replacing the plain, wall-mounted mirror is a great start. There are so many other mirror options available to you! Here are some bathroom mirror types that you can choose from: 

  • Ledge Mirror: A ledge mirror is made up of a mirror coupled with a ledge at the base. This offers additional space for keeping everyday bathroom items like brushes, soap, or other toiletries. 
  • Frameless Mirror: A frameless mirror wall, as its name suggests, has no frame at all. They appear as floating objects, giving them a classic appeal for a typical modern-day luxury bathroom.
  • Venetian Mirror: This type of wall bathroom mirror comes with ornate designs on the material that surrounds the glass. Due to its design, Venetian Mirror creates a perfectly cozy, luxurious, and romantic scene in the bathroom without taking up much space.
  • LED Mirror: LED Mirror is perfect for people who would love to have some lighting and illumination while dressing up. It comes in several designs, needs no extra wiring, and has a battery that powers the lightning.

Freestanding Mirrors

Freestanding mirrors, or floor mirrors, can be moved around freely in the bathrooms. They are the best option for people who dress up in the bathroom. They are usually very tall and can be heavy. Sometimes they are referred to as full-length mirrors.

Cabinet Mirrors

Cabinet mirrors give you the advantage of having additional storage space in your bathroom. It can be used in storing some handy toiletries, medications, or even small towels. Cabinets with mirrors maximize space and maintain a slim aesthetic design. They are available in diverse design styles, shapes, and sizes and are perfect for people who have a small bathroom.

Steps on How to Safely Remove Bathroom Mirrors

To remove your bathroom mirror from your wall, here are three major steps that can be followed. 

1. Heat and Pry Method

This method involves heating the glass to ensure the adhesive or glue used in framing the mirror to the wall melts before prying the glass off the wall. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Secure the basin and sink space: Spread big cardboard or plastic on the sink surface close to the mirror to be removed. 
  2. Wrap the mirror using black tape: Using this duct tape will lower the chances of glass breaking if it falls onto the ground in case of accidental shatter while attempting to remove it.
  3. Soften the adhesive using a blow dryer: You can equally soften the glue with a small-sized heat lamp. Ensure that you dry each part of the mirror evenly but concentrate the heat on the parts where the adhesive was massively attached if you know the place.
  4. Have a friend keep watch on the mirror movement: While focusing on getting the mirror off the wall, you need a friend who could help you watch the mirror movement, so it won’t slide off suddenly from the wall. This is very important that you won a large wall bathroom mirror. 
  5. Pry the Mirror: At this stage, you need a long putty knife or alternatively a flat metal object to gently pry the mirror from the wall, starting from the edges inward.
  6. Carefully lower the mirror from the wall: Once taken off the wall, it is vital to carefully lower your mirror to the floor to avoid any form of accidental breakage. Also, note that children must not be allowed into the bathroom while you are trying to remove your wall mirror.

2. Saw and Slice Method

Adhesive bonds the bathroom mirror to the wall. You can sometimes break this bond by sliding a wire saw at the back of the mirror. This approach requires great effort because you’ll need to remove the wire from the adhesive continuously whenever it clogs. However, the saw-and-slice method remains one of the best ways to get that old-looking wall mirror out of your bathroom.

3. Smash and Grab Method

This method is ideal when you need to shatter the wall or damage the wall tiles in the process of removing the bathroom mirror. You can plan this upfront by using a small hammer to break the adhesive from the wall. The leftover glue can also be removed using the heat from a small heat lamp or hairdryer.

After that, you need a putty knife to pry the mirror and gently lower it to the ground. This method is relatively fast, but it is quite dangerous and can leave a lot of damage from pieces of broken glass pieces. Therefore, caution should be exercised when using this method.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bathroom Mirror

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a bathroom mirror. 


Most people agree this is the most important factor. Bathroom mirrors come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. However, having a clear understanding of your budget is the starting point for choosing the right bathroom mirror for you. 


An undersized or oversized bathroom mirror will give your bathroom a terrible look. If you want to create a luxurious, elegant, and appealing look in your bathroom, it is vital to ensure that you choose a mirror that fits perfectly well into your space. Take time to measure the available space before shopping.


The quality of the mirror you are opting for will largely depend on your budget too. The higher the quality, the higher the price. However, if you care so much about the beauty and aesthetics of your bathroom, then you need a high-quality mirror. Remember that inferior mirrors may cost less; they will end up giving your bathroom an old look.


Functionality matters! Consider their usefulness. If the bathroom mirror is movable, consider how easy it is to work with. Then it’s easier to position in the available space.

Environmental Conservation

There are so many types of bathroom mirrors! Go online and do some searching. Interested in the environment? Look for a mirror is that not coated with any toxic substances. You need to read the fine print.  

Shape and Design

You need a mirror that has a shape and design which conforms to the interior decoration in your bathroom. If you are looking at antique designs, you can go for a wooden frame finished bathroom mirror but for classic modern bathroom appeal, consider the more fanciful circular, oval, and rectangular types.

Consider the mirror’s color as part of the entire design of the space. Black mirrors seem to be the contemporary ones; however, if you want to give your bathroom a brightening illumination, you may have to opt for plain mirrors or light-colored ones. All in all, it is vital to seek professional advice at this stage when trying to buy a bathroom mirror for your home


Mirrors are very important parts of our bathrooms. But when they become obsolete or even damaged, we might need to replace them with newer ones. In fact, there are so many wall mirrors sold in online and offline stores that come in a unique design to add ambiance and elegance to the bathroom. In this article, we have presented a do-it-yourself guide to removing the bathroom mirror safely from the wall and we hope you found it helpful.