Trends in Louisville Kitchen Design

It’s fun to follow the trends. Some are breakthrough concepts that are completely new and take the world by storm. Others are cyclical, in the sense that, they used to be “in” but fell out of favor and then returned to the current “it” style.

Updating My Louisville Kitchen: Open Concept photo

Showing as many homes to my clients as I do, it’s interesting for me to see what homeowners currently like, in terms of Louisville kitchen design. The vast majority of homes display very similar designs with only minor variations.

But every once in a while, I’m wowed by an innovative kitchen that does things differently.

Current Kitchen Design Trends

The following is a list of current kitchen trends nationally, followed by some commentary on how these design concepts are fair in Louisville.

We took our lead from Pangaea Interior Design in Portland, Oregon who produced a stylish article called 9 Ideas Coming to a Kitchen Near You.

Microwave Drawers

Here in Louisville, I’ve only found microwave drawers in very high-end properties, and even then, they are few and far between. We’re rarely on the leading edge of innovation, but I expect that this novel concept will arrive in the next couple of years.

Organized Drawer Storage

This design ideal is more common around the city but there’s plenty of room for improvement. Especially useful are the utility drawers that help make sense of the chaos of those drawers full of spatulas, whisks, and pizza cutters.

Softer Sheen Finishes

I did see a couple of textured granite countertops in Louisville homes recently. One was in Rock Springs the year before last and it really caught my eye because it was like nothing I had seen before. Outrageous fashion should not be the goal, but stylish innovations when partnered with useful functions are highly prized designs. Louisville is largely traditional by taste but that doesn’t mean we can’t shake things up from time to time.

Backsplashes To The Ceiling

Photo of a wine cooler designed to seemlessly fit with the kitchen cabinet design
Wine fridges, once solely in the territory of the rich, now priced right can add some pizazz and functionality to any kitchen.

With more flair than function, this idea does hold worthwhile artistic merit. Adding horizontal lines detracts from a goal of taller, more airy spaces. For a relatively low cost, making a dramatic statement is available to the masses.

Fewer Upper Cabinets

I have not seen a single example of this kitchen design trend in Louisville. Storage space is highly desired. Having extra space, especially a kitchen space, with reduced storage seems a luxury most Louisvillians can live without.

Solid-Surface Backsplashes

This design aesthetic is more common than I once thought. Usually granite, but sometimes marble or other natural stone, I’ve found a couple dozen homes with full solid-surface backsplashes in their Louisville kitchens. Easier to clean, yet complimenting their horizontal counterparts makes sense for both design and functionality.

Wine Fridges

For a relatively low cost, a wine fridge can supply the panache of a wine cellar, at a fraction of the cost. I’ve seen many Louisville homes go this route. Whether as part of their kitchen layout, in the wet bar, or in an upscale basement kitchenette.

Functional Task Stations

Not sure why the author of this piece chose to make this a current trend. Workstations are basic kitchen design 101. To further segment food by meal might seem worthwhile but would likely lead to an overly large space, and certainly not optimized.

Upper Cabinets to the Ceiling

As opposed to trend #5, this one makes a great deal of sense. It’s also quite common in Louisville. Unless your kitchen has 10-foot or higher ceilings, making use of the taller cabinets is always a good design decision.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at current kitchen design trends. If you’d like to share your thoughts on the topic, feel free to leave your comments below.

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