Louisville #2 Fast Food City, Yikes!

Always on the lookout to see how Louisville stacks up to our competition. Today I see The Daily Beast ranked our nation’s cities by their concentration of fast food restaurants.

Subway restaurant in Louisville KY
One of the reported 34,246 Subway restaurants in 95 countries. Via street view on Google Maps, this one happens to be in Springhurst in the East End of Louisville.

While it’s nice to see our city being mentioned as a “winner,” I’m not sure this is a category that’s good for us, if you catch my meaning.

Here are the Top 5 cities.

  1. Orlando, FL: 196.3/per 100k. Most: Subway
  2. Louisville, KY: 147.1/per 100k. Most: Subway
  3. Richmond, VA: 134.3/per 100k. Most: Subway
  4. Miami, FL: 123.5/per 100k. Most: Burger King
  5. Las Vegas, NV: 120.3/per 100k. Most: Subway

At least our most popular fast food restaurant is also one of the more healthy choices.