Louisville Homes Sold in November 2016

Other than January, June and July (what is it with months that start with the letter “J”?) every other month in 2016 beat the previous month in total home sales. November was no exception.

Louisville Home Sales Chart for Jefferson County 6 years through November 2016
Would you look at that?! Talk about a strong November… 971 properties sold in Jefferson County, beating the previous record by 108 homes!

It didn’t just beat it, it destroyed it! November 2016 has 30% more sales than the same month last year. It’s truly outrageous. Our record November, 2005, was demolished by 12.5% when compared to this year.

Just think what might have occurred if Louisville actually had a reasonable amount of housing inventory? It’s crazy to think about.

To say that Louisville home sales were strong in 2016 is a grand understatement.