Report Ranks Kentucky 8th Nationally in Entrepreneurship

Stylized image of business men and women in front of a globe
It takes a different kind of person to be an entrepreneur. Despite an 8% average decrease in the South, Kentucky’s entrepreneurship rates increased 27th in 2011.

The hot news this month comes again on the business front. Back in February, we saw Louisville Brings a Lot to the Table with Healthy Business Climate. Looks like we’re learning something entrepreneurs already know.

From the Kauffman Foundation comes:

Kentucky is once again being recognized as a leading state in an important economic development measure. The state tied for the eighth-highest number of new start-up companies in 2011, according to the latest annual Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity report.

This is a positive trend that we all need to help nurture. This includes letting our elected officials to reduce regulations and tax structures that go against innovation.