Best Move-up Neighborhoods in Louisville Kentucky (Part 2 of 3)

In April, I published the first part of this series called Best Starter Home Neighborhoods in Louisville Kentucky. Today, I’m publishing the second piece. We’ll be focusing on move-up neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky. These are great places for people looking to purchase a larger, more expensive property. Could be a first-time homebuyer or perhaps a family that just needs more space. Let’s get started!

Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes

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Best Starter Home Neighborhoods in Louisville Kentucky (Part 1 of 3)

Since 2007, my Best Louisville Neighborhoods section of the website has been highly praised by both clients and local real estate professionals. I truly appreciate this because it’s been a labor of love. It’s not password protected. I don’t ask you for your email to see it. It’s simply the best of its kind in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Now, I’m going to highlight all the great content located within by looking at the best starter home neighborhoods Louisville, Kentucky. Then, I’ll follow this piece up with move-up neighborhoods and finally luxury home neighborhoods. Let’s go!

Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Part 1, Starter Homes

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Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Longwood

Longwood is a fairly new, upscale neighborhood in Oldham County, directly across from the outstanding North Oldham schools near Paramont Estates. Similar in class to homes you might find in Prospect, Landis Lakes, or the newer parts of Lake Forest, there are some high-end homes in this great neighborhood.

Photo of a Home in Longwood Oldham County KY Louisville
Check out this spacious ranch home! The oversized lots in Longwood will accommodate almost any floorplan you can come up with, including spacious ranch homes, like the one you see here, that have a larger footprint.

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Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Heather Green

Located in Buckner, Heather Green is an outstanding neighborhood that is still a couple of years away from completing its first phase. Custom-built homes are the norm, with a variety of styles that is pleasing to the eye, not cookie-cutter. Part of the award-winning Oldham County school system, homes in this neighborhood are sought after for both the quality of schools, larger lots, and new construction appeal.

Photo of a homes in Heather Green Buckner KY
This home has an incredible, open floor plan. As soon as you enter the front door you see across the entire space, including two stone fireplaces. My clients were very happy to purchase this Heather Green home.

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Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Clifton

Clifton is a tradition-rich part of Louisville with a broad range of home sizes and shapes. More than a century has passed since the first homes were built here, yet we still see homes merely a decade old filling in a space between its elder siblings. From homes under $100k that likely need some work, to elegant charmers over $300k, Clifton has them all.

Photo of two cute homes in Clifton Louisville KY
These duplex properties in Clifton gave the owner the opportunity to live on one side and rent out the other.

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Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Pine Valley Estates

Pine Valley Estates (once merely Pine Valley) is a still-growing community that began in 2001 and continues to be a great spot for new construction. Just outside of Jeffersontown, Pine Valley Estates is located off Easum Road between Old Heady Road and Chenoweth Run Road (see map). Nearby neighborhoods include Stone Lakes, Saratoga Woods, and the newer Saratoga Springs and Bridges of Razor Creek. Still situated in a rural part of Jefferson County but inside the Gene Snyder Expressway and close to expressways, shopping, and more.

Home in Pine Valley Estates Louisville KY
Peaceful, country setting but still inside the Gene Snyder, Pine Valley Estates has some great, newer homes that just might appeal to you. | Photo Tre Pryor

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