Best Move-up Neighborhoods in Louisville Kentucky (Part 2 of 3)

In April, I published the first part of this series called Best Starter Home Neighborhoods in Louisville Kentucky. Today, I’m publishing the second piece. We’ll be focusing on move-up neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky. These are great places for people looking to purchase a larger, more expensive property. Could be a first-time homebuyer or perhaps a family that just needs more space. Let’s get started!

Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes

These mid-level homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are older, charming houses. Others newer homes with more open-concept layouts. Larger lots and smaller lots, there’s some of each. Let’s get started! And if you have any questions at all, I love to help. Please contact me anytime you like.

Move-Up Neighborhoods in Louisville

The criteria for this group of neighborhoods is basically just increasing the price range. From there, I gather the contenders then pull out my favorites. There are far more great options than these 10 neighborhoods but these are very nice places to start.


Highlands - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
The Highlands is a Louisville favorite for sure. Home to all manner of charming older houses.
Map of Highlands Louisville Kentucky

The Highlands is located due east from the Downtown area. Its exact dimensions are far smaller than people think. But due to the popularity of this great Louisville neighborhood, its reputation spills over into nearby neighborhoods like Tyler Park, Deer Park or Belknap. Close to many of Louisville’s best local shops and restaurants, the Highlands is largely made up of a younger demographic. You can find it within our MLS Area 2 and home sale prices are currently averaging $356,035. But there are certainly cheaper and more expensive options as well.

» Homes for Sale in The Highlands

Little Spring Farm

Little Spring Farm - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
You get a bit more for your money here in Little Spring Farm with recently built homes and larger than average lots.
Map of Little Spring Farm Louisville Kentucky

Little Spring Farm is a hidden gem located in the southwest portion of Jefferson County off Bardstown Road before you reach Mt. Washington. It has one of the most beautiful water features in the entire city located at the entrance to the neighborhood. This subdivision is a bit farther from the city but Little Spring Farm might be the nicest neighborhood in all of MLS Area 6. There’s a pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse and some really great scenery. The average price for homes is currently $385,862.

» Homes for Sale in Little Spring Farm


Springhurst - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
Two-story brick traditional homes are numerous in the Springhurst. You get a lot of space for the money with this style of home.
Map of Springhurst Louisville Kentucky

Springhurst is a fairly large neighborhood in the northeast portion of Jefferson County still within the Gene Snyder Freeway. It’s actually my personal favorite move-up neighborhoods in Louisville. Made up of villages, such as Felsmere, Springbrooke or White Blossom. Collectively, these are predominantly single-family residences and some townhouse and patio home-style condominiums as well. This makes the price range is fairly wide. But the main thing is the location can’t be beaten—close to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. The average home price right now is $398,361.

» Homes for Sale in Springhurst


Northfield - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
Great location, large lots and sprawling ranch homes. That’s what you’ll find in the desirable neighborhood of Northfield.
Map of Northfield Louisville Kentucky

They don’t make neighborhoods like Northfield anymore. It’s a “throwback” to the late 1950s when this Louisville neighborhood began. Today it’s all about small lots and high-end finishes. These homes are about space and room to breath, both inside and out. Located off Highway 42 just outside the Watterson Expressway, you can get almost anywhere in the city in 20 minutes from here. Part of MLS Area 9, Northfield is close to the more expensive areas like Glenview and Indian Hills. Homes are currently selling for an average of $402,661.

» Homes for Sale in Northfield

Seneca Gardens

Seneca Gardens - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
I don’t know what I’m more impressed with… this incredible house or my amazing photo of it?
Map of Seneca Gardens Louisville Kentucky

Seneca Gardens is a highly desirable Louisville neighborhood close to everything but still in a scenic location. You really need to drive through it to get a better feel of its charm. There’s a wide variety of home styles. Each built with the craftsmanship of a long-gone era. Located in MLS Area 2, just off the connection of Bardstown Road with Taylorsville Road, nearby Seneca Park. It’s practically in the very center of the city. The current average sale price is $428,209.

» Homes for Sale in Seneca Gardens

The Woods of St. Thomas

The Woods of St Thomas - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
How nice does this home look? I kinda love my job.
Map of The Woods of St Thomas Louisville Kentucky

The Woods of St. Thomas is a fairly straight-forward neighborhood the kind you find in most cities. It has a very nice pool and clubhouse. There’s an estate section in the rear. There are both condos and apartments nearby. But it’s layout and location make it a Best Louisville Neighborhood. It doesn’t feel cookie-cutter at all with a well-designed site plan. And it’s only minutes to the expressway, shopping and some of the best schools in Jefferson County. Homes are now selling around $435,478 in this subdivision.

» Homes for Sale in The Woods of St. Thomas

Persimmon Ridge

Persimmon Ridge - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
I love the design of this home. It doesn’t hurt that I caught this shot at the perfect time of day with the sun shining brightly.
Map of Persimmon Ridge Louisville Kentucky

Persimmon Ridge is somewhat unique when it comes to Louisville real estate. It’s located just outside of Jefferson County in Shelby County. But it’s not really “out in the country.” Built around the Persimmon Ridge Golf Course, the lots are large and many have great views of the course or wooded areas. It’s a very pretty place to live. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, Persimmon Ridge is well worthy of your consideration. The current price of homes selling in Persimmon Ridge is $444,263.

» Homes for Sale in Persimmon Ridge

Briar Hill & Briar Hill Estates

Briar Hill - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
There are plenty of homes like this one to be found in Briar Hill.
Map of Briar Hill Louisville Kentucky

Briar Hill is a neighborhood in Crestwood, within Oldham County. It began in the 1970s with small homes on oversized lots but is still expanding today with some great new construction options in Briar Hills Estates. The average price of homes here is $465,378 but that’s a bit misleading. The older homes (which also have larger lots) are a good bit under this price while new construction is reaching into the $600k range. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Oldham County boasts the best public schools in the state if that’s something that is important to you. There’s also a fun little park and active community group in the neighborhood.

» Homes for Sale in Briar Hill & Briar Hill Estates

Glen Oaks

Glen Oaks - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
This Southern charmer stands out among the multitude of 2-story brick traditional homes that dominate the Louisville landscape.
Map of Glen Oaks Louisville Kentucky

Our MLS writes it “Glen Oaks” but the neighborhood likes to call itself GlenOaks. Maybe it’s because they’re just that hip. Either way, this golf course community is a real winner. Located in the northeast portion of Jefferson County, it’s now spilling over in Oldham County as it expanded more than a decade ago. These homes are newer with more open floorplans but that doesn’t mean they’re as beautiful as the custom-built houses that came before. The Glen Oaks golf course is a beauty. I’ve always wanted a home on the hill overlooking the 9th green. Their swimming facilities are also top-notch. Homes right now are selling for $473,387 in Glen Oaks.

» Homes for Sale in Glen Oaks

Hunting Creek & Hunting Creek Estates

Hunting Creek - Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Move Up Homes
The homes in the Estate section of Hunting Creek are newer and much larger. Check out this beauty!
Map of Hunting Creek Louisville Kentucky

Similar to what happened in Briar Hill, the original neighborhood was built first then the Estates of Hunting Creek came later and with larger, more expensive homes. Like Glen Oaks and Persimmon Ridge, this great neighborhood also has a golf course—the Hunting Creek Country Club. And it’s gorgeous! They also have a tennis center, fitness club and a clubhouse with fine dining options. This large neighborhood, located in Prospect, also has a nice assortment of upscale condos as well. The current price of homes selling in Hunting Creek is $476,011.

» Homes for Sale in Hunting Creek & Hunting Creek Estates


Well, there you go! You’ve seen 10 of the best move-up neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky. Sometimes called mid-tier neighborhoods or even medium priced neighborhoods, but one thing is clear, they’re amazing places to call home. If you have any questions about literally anything to do with real estate, I’m always happy to help! Please contact me and we can start looking for your dream home.

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