Tips for Setting Up Your New Home Tech Devices

As you probably already know, there is no shortage of innovative and incredible home tech devices. We can buy refrigerators that we can see inside our smartphones while at the grocery store. (Are you low on milk? Now you can find out!) There are streaming devices that allow us to binge-watch shows. And security systems that record the delivery of your daughter’s new LEGO set at 10:21 this morning.

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In order for these awesome devices to work, though, you are going to need a few key things. First, a good router. Next, you’ll want a reliable WiFi connection. All that’s left is to read resources like this article over on Infinity Dish so that you get the confidence you need to feel confident that you can handle setting up any new tech you decide to buy.

With these goals in mind, please consider the following words of advice.

Start with Great Internet

Here in Louisville, there are a good number of quality Internet options. Both AT&T and Spectrum Internet are high-speed choices in a large portion of our city. Of course, if you’re in one of the surrounding counties then availability will affect your options.

Without solid, reliable Internet all the other parts of the process can’t actually work. Make sure to look at any contract you sign as most providers offer a great “introductory” rate and then increase it after the first year.

Add a Decent Router

Your router will help connect your main computer to your home’s WiFi system. This will in turn will control the many cool devices you have invested in.

Since lag times and constant buffering can be frustrating, be sure you are using your router properly. If your home office is centrally located, consider locating the router here. This way, it can more easily power the Playstation 5 in your living room and your laptop at the kitchen table. Be sure your Internet speed is high enough to handle your amount of use. If your home is quite large, consider adding a second router.

Learn How to Connect Home Devices to WiFi

Once you have ascertained that your router and Internet speed are up to the challenges your family members dish out, it may be time to shop for some new devices. For instance, if you want to start watching some shows on Paramount+ on the TV in your bedroom, you will need to learn how to connect your Fire TV Stick to WiFi. If you are new to the world of smart televisions, you will want to learn how to connect a smart TV to WiFi

Luckily, doing so only requires a few simple steps. Some of the top home tech devices are made by Roku. Connecting your new Roku to WiFi involves simply involves plugging it in, turning on your TV, and selecting your home network. Simple, right?

Next, enter in your WiFi password—if you have trouble remembering it, consider getting a password manager. Roku should guide you through the rest of the setup process. Once you are connected, you can click on the “home” button on your Roku remote and look for your favorite TV shows or movies.

Setting Up a Home Hub

As you purchase and use a number of home tech devices, including things like a video doorbell, security camera system, the aforementioned fancy fridge, and more, you may want to get a smart home hub. This can be a piece of hardware or even software that runs on your PC, that will connect all of these devices on one network.

While some hubs use Bluetooth, others use WiFi. Setting it up just involves finding the correct instructions for your devices. For instance, if you have Apple TV or an iPad, Apple TV will automatically be set up as a home hub.

To set up your iPad, go into Settings and then iCloud and scroll down to be sure “home” is turned on, and then turn on “Use this iPad as a home hub.” To do this successfully, your iPad must stay in your home and be turned on and connected to your home WiFi. Today’s homes are smarter than ever!

Life Can Be Easier with WiFi and Tech Devices

Setting up a home tech device does not have to be stressful or even difficult. By making sure you have the correct router installed in a central spot in your home and reassuring yourself that you can find and follow instructions to install your home devices, you will soon be reaping the benefits of these amazing products.

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