What Does It Take to Move?

Thinking about moving? Maybe you’re moving to Louisville? Read on to learn about the things you might not consider but should that we’ve titled, “What Does It Take to Move?”

Photo of a dog in a moving box

To move to a new home you need to prepare as seriously as you do for a hike, keep in your head a lot of information because there will be no time to fix it. We want to share experiences that will simplify the process of preparation and packaging of personal belongings. First of all, make a list of the most important things in your opinion and collect them separately from others.

1. Food and drinks for the first time

In Hollywood movies, happy lovers enter a new home with just a bottle of champagne and two glasses. You’ll never get enough of one sparkling glass in life. You can be sure that the appetite will play out during the move. Therefore, be sure to collect a small stock of products that do not require storage conditions (moving – the process is long, and not all products will keep fresh outside the fridge).

Do not forget water, tea, coffee, a kettle, or a hot water thermos. Coffee can also act as an excellent energy source during the move. In this situation, you will not be able to drink light roast coffee because these types of coffee contain the highest amount of caffeine. Plate and cup for each family member, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, or paper towels – do not hide them far away, collect them in a separate box. You can also order the delivery of products to your new address.

2. Clothes and shoes for the first time

Save your time and save yourself a couple of sets of clothes and shoes to go to work in advance. By the way, shirts, blouses, suits, and coats can be packed in special wardrobe boxes. The design of such boxes allows you to transport (and if necessary – store) clothes right on the hangers.

In addition to clothing for work will need to collect home clothes shoes, and underwear for all family members. Pack an iron and toothbrush with the clothes so that you can quickly clean up your clothes.

3. Towels, hygiene products, hair dryer

It is not necessary to put all the accessories from the bathroom and toilet in a box of necessities. You can limit yourself to what you need: toothpaste and toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo, hairbrushes, a hairdryer, a few towels, and a couple of rolls of toilet paper.

4. Bed linen, blankets, pillows

You can use them the day you move in. The bed (or beds) will be assembled and you can sleep in comfort.

5. Baby stuff

If you have children, you have a good idea of how many things your offspring need. Like adults, children will need clothing for the first time, bedding, and hygiene products. If a child is young, they will need diapers and bottles. Schoolchildren will need to collect textbooks and workbooks. And be sure toys that match the age that the child has something to do while adults are unpacking.

6. First aid kit

Remember to bring medication that your family needs (for example, your parents need blood pressure control medication and your husband needs contact lens medication). This kit should contain adhesive plasters, painkillers, iodine or similar antiseptics, and food poisoning medication.

7. Set of tools

Screw the shelf, attach a router or other equipment to the wall, and hang a chandelier, cornices, paintings, photographs, and hooks in the bathroom – small household chores will be enough. Assemble the necessary set of tools (screwdriver or screwdriver with replaceable bits, hammer, pliers, pliers, wrench) and a small stock of fasteners. You will need several rolls of scotch when you need to collect, pack, and take out used packaging, garbage, and cardboard sheets.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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