Window Replacement Checklist: Make Sure You’re Ready!

So, you are planning to replace your windows. Congratulations! Whether you are doing it to reduce energy costs or just to upgrade the style of your home, it’s a smart decision. If you have never replaced windows before, it’s important to know what to do before the process commences. That’s why we created this window replacement checklist.

Photo of a beautiful room with replacement windows
Replacing your home’s windows is not only smart from a financial standpoint, they are also gorgeous.

Follow these steps and you’ll be more than ready!

1. Create Time

A window replacement takes time. You have to plan for it. Set enough time for writing the quotation and for ordering the supplies. And don’t forget to allow enough time for the installation itself.

2. Double-Check Your Paperwork

Before you accept the supplies, you have to confirm that they are the right ones. You need to check for quality and measurements. If there are any mistakes with the delivery, you should contact the store right away and ask them to exchange the supplies.

3. Clear the Furniture

You will need to remove the chairs and tables that are close to the windows so that there are no obstructions. This will ensure that you have enough space to move around when you do the replacement.

4. Take Them Down

Since you need more working space, you need to remove the curtains, the interior shutters, and the blinds. You also need to remove the decorations and ornaments that are around the windows so that they are not knocked down accidentally.

5. Pick a Storage Space

Select a place where you’ll keep the belongings that you’ll remove from the window area. Furthermore, you need some space to store the replacement supplies.  You may consider using the garage space or if you have a basement that’s perfect.

6. Clean the Area

After removing the old windows and the clutter around it, you need to clean the area. You also need to check if there are any holes and fill them before the installation is done. This will ensure that the replacement is done in a clean environment and professionally.

7. Remove the Kids and Pets

For safety concerns, your children and pets don’t have to be around the working area when the installation begins. You should take them somewhere safe and have an adult to look after them.

8. Try Fitting them

Before the windows are fitted, it’s important to know how they’ll look. Double-check the measurements and then size them up with the rough opening. Better safe than sorry!

9. Cover Up

Replacing your windows can be a dirty process, so you need to cover the carpet and the furniture before you start. This will ensure that they are not dirtied by the dust.

10. Open Up

Lastly, you need to open your home so that the people helping you with the job can access the house smoothly. Check your home’s entrances and exits on the morning before work beings and make sure they are accessible.

Preparing your home with this handy window replacement checklist is a smart move. Being prepared in advance saves time. Then your home’s overall transformation will be far less stressful.