2021 Home Staging Trends

Preparing your home for sale is a serious task. It involves several steps and may take away some of your time, but it’s worth it. It can help you find a buyer much faster, but also get a better deal. But the question that bothers sellers the most is – how to make a home attractive for the potential buyer? An important factor centers on current home staging trends.

Photo of minimalist interior design which is great for home staging
Minimalist interior design is most often the best choice for staging a home to sell. | Photo by Francesca Tosolini

The answer depends on the target buyer but also the time of putting a home on sale. That’s why we wanted to share some home staging tips for 2021. As the trends are constantly changing, and it’s good to know what will make buyers want your home at the moment. And this list will help you with that – let’s make your home a star in listing databases. 

Why staging is so important? 

Many sellers underestimate the power of staging their homes. They think it’s not so important, and believe that potential buyers will love their home as much as they do. However, you need to be objective when selling a property. If you lived there for a while, you probably have a lot of beautiful memories that make your home even nicer. Also, when you spend a long time in one environment and fail to notice some rather obvious flaws. Therefore, to make sure your buyer doesn’t see them either, let’s proceed to 2021 home staging trends and ways to improve the property you’re about to sell. 

In 2021 the home office is critically important 

Due to the global pandemic, the majority of people started working remotely. This means they spend a lot of time in their homes and need a special nook where they can complete their tasks in peace. That’s why a home office has become a necessity in homes being sold in 2021. Therefore, if your home has a spare room or a part of a bigger room – try redecorating into a simple home office. It doesn’t have to cost a lot but can make a great impression on the potential buyer. 

Photo of a home office that's staged nicely
Even a small nook turned into a home office can help you sell your home in 2021. | Photo by Collov Home Design

Online shopping is the reality of 2021

As we spent more time at home, online shopping has become quite important. This trend has spread to real estate as well. Buyers want to be able to see homes accurately before they make a selection of favorite properties that later visit. Therefore, you can attract buyers by putting up high-quality photos online and investing in virtual staging. Ask your agent to help you with this, and see if you can find a photographer who knows what angles and light make every room stand out. Professional photographs look more serious and leave a positive impression on buyers. 

One of the effects of the pandemic is also people starting to cook more. Social media was flooded with recipes, video tutorials, interesting kitchen gadgets, etc. Spending more time at home and closed restaurants made people more interested in cooking, and preparing meals for their loved ones. That’s why one of the main rooms in the house should be staged well to be inviting and attractive to buyers. Make sure the kitchen is equipped with all the necessary appliances and utensils. It needs to be tidy, clean and well-organized, to show how functional space is. Invest some time in making the storage areas presentable, as these are details that buyers love. 

Definitely Add Plants 

If you are not sure what’s the detail that your home misses – try adding plants. They add a fresh vibe to every room and make the space look more stylish. Plants are associated with the outdoors and nature, and it’s something many people look for. Just be sure to take good care of the plants. They need to look healthy and fresh when visitors arrive. Dead or dry plants will only make the space look bad, so in that case – it’s better not to have them at all. Finally, if you have a buyer coming, adding some fresh flowers to the vase (especially some you can get in your garden) will give a cozy and inviting vibe. 

Photo of some plants staged by a window
Plants give life to any room – don’t miss them when staging your home for sale. | Photo by Viktoriya

Make sure to take care of the outside area 

Talking about outdoors, home staging doesn’t only happen inside the home. Make sure you don’t forget the outdoor area. If you have a nice porch or backyard, use it in the home staging process. As 2021 is the time people value outdoors more than ever, this can be a key factor in selling your property. 

Photo of a front porch that is well staged
Home staging doesn’t apply only to the indoor area – take care of the outside, too. | Photo by Francesca Tosolini

Selling a home means you need to move to a new one

Selling a house and relocating is quite stressful, and there are a lot of details to think about. From home staging and selling to organizing the move and decorating the new house. Local relocations are a bit easier, yet they also involve a number of moving steps you need to take. Don’t underestimate local relocations, because even though you’re not moving far away, this move can be stressful, too. Luckily, easy relocation is possible if you have someone to trust and start planning the move on time. 

Have everything under control 

It’s much easier to move if you have everything under control. To do this, it’s best you list everything you need to do. Keep the list visible at all times. Track your progress, tick the tasks off and save yourself from all the moving stress. 

Assign main tasks to experts 

When selling one house, buying a new one, and organizing the move – it’s best to have someone to give you a hand. Apart from the real estate agent, hire moving experts that can minimize the worries related to your relocation. Always go for a trusted recommendation that has a clear and professional offer – one good example is Strong-Ass Movers KY. Teams that can handle every type of move and know the local area is the key to a smooth relocation. 

Don’t pack everything 

Decluttering is a great way to reduce the time and money you spend on packing for the move. Furthermore, getting rid of unnecessary items from the old home is also one of the essential steps in home staging. There are home staging trends that come and go, but a clean and mess-free home is always in style. 

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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