Some Tips by Walcraft Cabinetry for Designing Your Dream Home

Thinking about designing your dream home? Walcraft Cabinetry provides beautifully designed cabinets and free design consultations for remodeling your kitchen or other rooms in your home. This company is in the market for quite some time and have become popular for the unique designs and service that they offer. 

Photo of an awesome grey kitchen

Designing Your Dream Home with Top Trends

When it comes to design, your personality must click with the results. The good news? There are more options today than ever before! Read on to learn about the areas you should focus on in your dream home.

1. Designer kitchens

The kitchen is always the center of activities. Apart from cooking and having all the meals every day, the kitchen is the place where all the family members get together to spend time with each other. So, the aspects of both functionality and appearance have to be kept in mind while designing it. 

The area has to be spacious for free movement. Open kitchens with the required appliances, preferably made of stainless steel, would be the dominant feature.

Gray is the color of the year. A kitchen is done up fully in gray or having gray kitchen cabinets looks high-end and classy.

2. Subtle contrast in colors

Contrast doesn’t always have to be stark. Complimentary colors that offer subtle contrast is currently a hot design trend.  

  • Go for a darker gray countertop to go along with the lighter gray background to make an interesting contrast. Throw in a patterned rug to add a pop of color.
  • A combination of gray and white cabinets is popular due to the subtle contrast that it creates.
  • The right shades of blue on blue cabinets with white countertops and backsplash can be truly impressive. 

The houses are mostly painted in a variety of neutral shades or soft hues, but other objects like furniture and upholstery are chosen in darker or brighter shades to create a highlighting effect.

3. Utilization of additional spaces

Photo of a modern office space

Since work-from-home has become very important since 2020, consider designing your dream home to include some workspace as part of your kitchen or in a nearby spot on the first level. This might mean converting a less used space, like a formal dining room, to a more useful space that combines multiple functions.

4. Constructing floor-to-ceiling windows in houses

Pretty much everyone loves more light. By constructing huge windows throughout the length and breadth of a wall, you can get a fresh and airy feeling inside the houses and more natural light.

Be careful, these can be expensive but are almost always worth the money.

5. Choosing vintage artifacts

Despite more people going modern with today’s new construction, homeowners are opting for some vintage or antique products when choosing fixtures or decorating their homes. This fusion look of the old with the new is currently a big trend.

6. Open-air dining spaces

The dining area is being made up in the open, on a deck, outside the rooms, or in a place that is not blocked by 4 walls and ceilings. It is a refreshing option as it gives a feeling of a vacation or dining out.

If you’re in the market for a kitchen redesign, Walcraft Cabinetry can help with innovative technologies like CGI designing and Virtual Reality experience. Starting from the tiles to the lighting, you can choose objects according to your preference and get a virtual tour of your future house after it is remodeled.