Top 5 Home Building Trends in 2022

Every year brings a new set of fashion trends and you have to decide whether they are for you or not. It’s no different in the world of housing. Home building trends change every decade or so. What’s the latest? Read on to find out!

Photo of a new home in Brentwood Crestwood Kentucky

It’s certainly true that the global pandemic has changed people’s attitudes about pretty much everything. In fact, there has been a dramatic increase in people farming at home, More people than ever before are moving out of the cities and looking for attractive house and land packages.

Of course, if you’re looking to go the new construction route, then you’re going to want to know about the latest trends and decide which should be incorporated into your build.

1. Better Energy Efficiency

There is a very obvious trend developing in 2022. That’s developing your own power and reducing reliance on the grid. Home building is the perfect opportunity to add solar panels to your build and start generating your own power. It insulates you against rising costs and is good for the environment. In short, it’s a trend that is going to last. 

And it’s not just solar panels. People today are looking for better energy efficiency in their kitchen appliances, HVAC systems, and windows. Due to rising costs across the country, many are looking for ways to reduce those amounts as much as possible.

2. More Space

Since the country has been confined people are more aware of what space they have at home and how important it is. This has made them: rethink what the space is used for and, the trend for new builds is to go bigger and make sure you have the space needed to stay sane if locked down, again. 

In terms of new builds, one of the top home building trends is to “go big.” Existing houses are looking at ways to open the space up more and make the home feel larger. 

3. Natural Materials

Another trend for 2022 is the use of natural materials. These look good and help you to feel like you’re outside, even when you aren’t able to go out. That’s a reaction to the pandemic. But, this is a trend that is likely to stay as natural textiles are more likely to be sustainable and that’s better for the planet. 

Being more connected with nature helps people cope with confinement and feel more at one with the planet. It can be achieved through the materials you build with or your décor.

4. Adding Feature Walls

Feature walls used to be popular and they are becoming popular again in 2022. In contrast to the original feature walls, the 2022 version is best described as quirky. Feature walls can be created with a collection of materials, giving texture and color, while stating that the homeowner is rebelling against social norms. 

5. Keeping It Local

Concerns for the planet are much of the reason why there has been an increased interest in local products. Many homeowners have taken to using materials produced in the local area when building a house. This can lead to some interesting effects and compromises.

In short, people are no longer afraid to stand out as different, which could be said to be a direct result of the global pandemic.