Using Restaurant Table Bases in Your Next Interior Design Project

Hey, DIYers out there! Ready for a creative interior design project idea? How about building your own table with restaurant table bases! Restaurant tables can withstand a lot of abuse and are known for their longevity. Maybe that’s what you need in your home’s dining room or eat-in kitchen.

Photo of classy yellow dining room leading an interior design trend with colors that pop

When building or maintaining a table like one of these, here are the things you need to manage going forward. If you do, your table is going to last far longer than any conventional, store-bought table.

Table Types

Just because the base is made from metal doesn’t mean the top has to be. There are many different types of dining room tables. Not only different materials but there are many shapes to choose from to best fit your space. Commonly, the tables are rectangular, square, or round. Other shapes depend on the dining area that you are choosing for your restaurant.

To Match or Not to Match

It is very important for the base to offer enough strength to adequately hold the tabletop. When working on your interior design project, be careful to not oversize the top or your table will have balance issues. Typically the tops are wood but they don’t have to be. You might be able to find a table made from metal, stone or even plexiglass at an antique store or peddler’s mall to use. Be as creative as you like!

Check the Joints

In the regular use of the tables, it often happens that the joints of the table might become loose. Make a habit of regularly checking the table. Any loose joint can cause damage to the table base. To avoid such damage, check those joints a couple of times a year.

Repair Any Chips

Do not ignore chips on the table. Each piece of damage, even very small ones can grow to be much larger. Tackle them early and often to avoid any major damage. This way your dining experience is enhanced because your table will look new and longer!

Store Indoors

Maybe you want to use your table outside to enjoy the scenic views of your backyard. That’s great but some materials don’t live as well out in the elements. If possible, store your table indoors to avoid rust to metal or rot to wood. If that’s not possible, you could always purchase a cover to better protect your DIY table.

Clean the Base of the Table

It’s easy to forget about the base because less visible than the tabletop. But you’ll want to clean it from time to time. Use a wet rag first, then dry it with a towel or paper towel.