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Psychological Effects of Color in Interior Design

The purpose of colors is not only to beautify your interior but also to elicit psychological effects. Colors communicate, pass information, and evoke emotional responses. If you look around, you will notice that colors play an essential role in everyday life. For instance, a colorful playground spurs the feeling of youthfulness and joy. Also, traffic controls make use of colors to communicate and pass information to road users. In this piece, we’ll take a thoughtful look at the psychological effects of color in interior design.

Photo of a plant on a small table

It is essential to understand how colors work and the impact they create. That will help you to use them wisely in your interior design. Just as colors are beneficial in other aspects of life, they are essential in interior design.

We all know how beautiful colors in our outdoor spaces make us feel. However, several people only consider color as an accessory that serves only to beautify the interior. Every color you use on the furniture or wall will create a psychological impact on the occupants.

Some colors can boost energy levels, while others are can feel depressive. For these reasons, it would be best if you are deliberate with your choice of colors depending on the effects that you intend to create.

In this article, we will analyze the psychological effects of colors in interior design.


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Types of Window Shades: Pros and Cons

Worried about extreme high temperatures during the summer? Curtains have been around for ages. Then came window shades of another kind. Window shades, or window blinds, do a better job of keeping heat from entering a room—which prices from cheap to expensive. In this article, we will be discussing the different types of window shades along with their pros and cons. 

Photo of a room with a window and blinds

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Today’s Top 5 Best Kitchen Flooring Options

If you are considering a remodel of your kitchen in the next year, you’ll already have a lot to think about. You’ll need to choose the new design of your kitchen suite, storage solutions, a fresh color scheme, and perhaps even replace old appliances with more efficient modern ones. Yes, this is a lot to consider when doing a kitchen remodel, but don’t forget to think about which of the best kitchen flooring options you’re going to choose!

Photo of a kitchen with incredible hardwood floors

When picking flooring for a kitchen, you want something that is going to be durable, easy to clean, and beautiful. Below are the five best kitchen flooring options you can get for your kitchen.


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A Kitchen Makeover For the Holiday Season

How prepared are you for Holiday entertaining? Recall the last time you gathered your family together for the holidays. Can’t remember the last time you organized drawers? Come on, let’s clean the turkey pan since it didn’t fit in the sink. That was your last holiday meal in your old, inefficient kitchen. When your home is the gathering place for the whole family during the holiday season, you might need a kitchen makeover! 

Photo of a kitchen makoever with current style and finish

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5 Tips for Creating Your Dream Bedroom

So you’ve decided that you want to redo your bedroom. You want something different and that you’re tired of coming home to the same old stuff every day. Or maybe you just spent too long in here in 2020 and 2022 is right around the corner. Read on to learn five great tips for creating your dream bedroom.

Photo of a newly updated bedroom
Photo by Jean van der Meulen

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Five Simple Ways to Renovate Your Home

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they might decide that their house needs an update. This can be true if you have lived in a house for just six months or over six years. While “renovation” can feel like a big word, there are actually a whole host of ways that you can make your house more livable and more lovable without too much extra effort. Read on now to get five easy ways to renovate your home

Photo of a couple painting a room
Painting will always be one of the least expensive ways to make a big impact in your home.

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10 Affordable Remodeling Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

Improving the look and function of your home to boost its value is something every homeowner wants to do. But spending a lot of money to do those renovations? That is something you definitely want to avoid. If it was possible, most homeowners would like to increase their home’s value without spending any money at all. But since that’s not possible, this article will highlight some great affordable remodeling projects that will help.

Photo of a woman painter holding a paint roller

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How to Build the Ultimate Game Room

More than ever, our homes are having to multitask. We’re working from them, and they’re places where we socialize with family and friends virtually, as well as in person. They’re the places we shop from, and now more than ever, our homes are where we entertain ourselves. In this piece, we want to give you some inspiring ideas to help you build the ultimate game room. 

Photo of a classy game room
Photo by Jolene Hardy

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4 Things to Consider When Thinking of Remodeling Your Living Room

If you’ve considered remodeling your living room, there are a few points to consider before moving forward with the project. This remodel needs to be insightful and practical to get the most out of the investment and effort. Before beginning, consider some details that affect the outcome and the process of remodeling. With some research and planning, you’ll successfully create an updated and useful space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Photo of a living room
Because your living room is used so frequently, special thought should go into its design. | Photo by Luis Martinez

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2021 Home Staging Trends

Preparing your home for sale is a serious task. It involves several steps and may take away some of your time, but it’s worth it. It can help you find a buyer much faster, but also get a better deal. But the question that bothers sellers the most is – how to make a home attractive for the potential buyer? An important factor centers on current home staging trends.

Photo of minimalist interior design which is great for home staging
Minimalist interior design is most often the best choice for staging a home to sell. | Photo by Francesca Tosolini

The answer depends on the target buyer but also the time of putting a home on sale. That’s why we wanted to share some home staging tips for 2021. As the trends are constantly changing, and it’s good to know what will make buyers want your home at the moment. And this list will help you with that – let’s make your home a star in listing databases. 


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4 Ways to Decorate Your Walls with Portraits

Artwork, portraits, and paintings can transform not just the bare walls of your home, but they also add personality. The way you decorate your walls can deliver the “Wow!” factor to any room by becoming the focal point that draws the eye. Portraits and art talk about your interests and the important people in your life.

Photo of an artwork collection

Interior design is all about taste. But, before your start picking out your favorite pictures and ordering frames, you might want to learn how to blend the pieces with the appropriate backdrops and spots around the house. Here are some quick ideas to get you started.


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Today’s 5 Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Your home is a huge investment. You want to ensure it fetches the highest price in the market when you finally decide to sell it. As such, you need it in the best state possible so that generally means renovations. Buyers look at a property’s entirety before buying it but certain areas attract more scrutiny than others. With that in mind, here are five amazing bathroom remodeling ideas to help you get started!

Photo of an updated luxury bathroom

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5 Kitchen Design Ideas for a Small Counter Space

The kitchen is one part of the home that should always be incredibly functional and efficient. Everyone wants their kitchen to look good, but sometimes, you have to face space restrictions when trying to fit everything that you need. When designing a kitchen, having things that provide a certain amount of utility but look good at the same time is all that you need. Below you’ll find five kitchen design ideas that do exactly that.


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Awesome Interior Design Ideas for Kids

If you are building or remodeling your home, what do you do with your kid’s rooms? Sure, you could let them design it but it’s even better to give them some interior design ideas for kids that they can choose from.

There are lots of home improvement concepts out there. Giving your kids a space of their own will help them feel secure in their space. With that in mind, read on to learn about some great ideas you can implement to suit your kids.

Photo of a kid's room with a triptych picture on the wall

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